Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Trip #1
We've had many day's this summer spent up at my parents cabin lot which always makes great memories. Most the time we just go spend the day, it is so much fun and so beautiful!

Best buds, it's so fun having these boys so close in age...they play so good together!

The guys we're having a ball cutting down all the dead tree's. My dad would use the saw then the other guys would push it where they needed it to fall. Keaton was totally intrigued. He learned a new word...TIMBER "(TIMMER)" and he totally knows what it means. He was hilarious and grabbed a small new tree and pushed it down and said "timmer" over and over.

Trip #2
We spent another day up at the cabin lot. This time around with the Redd's, the highlight was riding papa's rhino!

Daddy teaching Keaton how to hit a baseball.

Trip #3
This time around we did an overnighter! We had a cabin to stay in so we decided we'd give it a shot. First attempt away from daddy with just the kids and I, Kel had a golf tournament the next day so didn't come with us. We ended up having a GREAT time! And I had my whole family there to help.
My boys and was a great trip but we definately missed daddy!

We stayed up til about 2am playing Farkle! I paid for it too...Tanner didn't sleep at all that night. It was totally worth it though.

These jammies are hand me downs from cousin chase...the bum has a moose on it and says "Trailing a little behind". They are getting a little small but are so darn cute.

It's so close so we randomly on a whim can go spend the day. We have been up a few more times this summer also but didn't take pictures. We love to spend time here in the summer!

Tanner's Blessing Day

I'm so late posting anything these days...quite busy with the two kiddos, but we blessed Tanner on July 11. It was so special to have not only my immediate family but all of Kelly's family here also! Getting us all together doesn't happen very often so we took advantage and planned a last minute blessing. Kelly gave Tanner such a beautiful blessing. I am so grateful to him for being able to perform this ordinance and to have the priesthood in our home! Love you hun, I don't know what I'd do without you in my life!

Picture Overload

Our trip to the Aquarium with all 6 of the Redd kiddo' was so fun spending time with all the cousins! Grandma and Papa got each of them a souvenir!

Visit to the Carnival. We are taking a trip to Cali soon and we wanted to see how Keaton would do with the rides. Well we're good to go because he LOVED it!!!

Petting Zoo at Gardner Village...Ruthie and Keat loved the animals.

My sweet little Tanner trying to tell us something.

I can't get enough of this kid, he is getting quite the personality. He wanted to wear these boots in the sand pile!

Matchy Matchy...4th of July outfits. It's so fun having a baby with your sis!

With uncle Zac at the Park.

Keaton's first parade... the primary parade, pretty lame but he loved it! He waved to every kid that walked by. haha

Tanner Man!

First walk with two...I love this stroller and so do the boys! It's been a life saver and already well used!

These two are going to be best buds.

My cute little thugs. I love these boy's so much!

Cheez Ball

I have been a neglectful mother and haven't gotten Keaton a happy this is his first one from Papa Redd. I think he liked it just a little bit!

Keaton is allergic to peanuts. I was trying to hurry so the picture doesn't show very well, but his poor left side of his face was swollen...we couldn't help but laugh, he looked like Hitch.

Keat has been so so helpful with Tanner, he loves him so much!

The 3 new additions to the Robinson clan

Brother's from different mother's

Keat teaching the boys naughty things.