Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WOW 9 months!!!

How in the world in 9 short months does this.... Turn in to this...
I cannot believe how fast time goes by and how fast our little boy is growing up!

Keat Updates:
-Weight 19lb 8oz 33%ile
-Height 29in 76%ile
-Head Circum 96%ile haha
-Teeth 2 bottom and 1 on top...pretty funny looking!
-Walking around furniture
-Loves cords/cell phones more than toys
-Gets into EVERYTHING he shouldn't
-Knows his name and the word NO
-Has a SMILE that melts us
-Laugh is priceless
-Loves books
-Waves hi and bye
-Babbles like CRAZY
-Discovered his tongue...hillarious!!!
-Loves the tub
-Grinds his teeth...EEK drives me NUTS
-Snuggles for MAYBE a minute
-LOVES peek a boo
-Has had 3 hair cuts
-Loves to EAT
-HATES his diaper changed
-Usually sleeps 10hrs a night :)

Keaton is the JOY of our lives. We wonder what we ever did without him, he is so entertaining and such a little sweetheart! Keat your the BEST!!!