Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keaton's Blessing Day!!!

Sunday was such a special day for us! I've been to so many baby blessings but it is so much different when it's for your own! Keaton did so well and slept through the whole thing! Kelly gave such a beautiful blessing, it was just perfect! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful husband! We are also so lucky to have such amazing family and friends...thanks to everyone who came to help make the day so GREAT!!!

Special thanks to Diane Mudrow who hand made Keaton's precious outfit! She is the most talented lady! We will cherish it forever!!!

Keaton 3 Months!

Keaton turned 3 months old Monday, crazy enough it's the day he discovers his tongue! haha It's amazing how something so small can be so entertaining!

We also took Keaton to the doctors on Saturday. We have been dealing with a very very sad boy that acts like he is in pain most all the time. We thought he was just very colicky but we got to the point where it wasn't normal for such a tiny guy to cry so much! We found out that Keaton has Acid Reflex just like his dad and his papa. I wish we would have known so we could have fixed this awful problem a lot sooner! We are hoping and praying this frees our poor kid of pain!