Sunday, February 27, 2011

Provo Beach Resort

I'm a late poster but when the Provo Beach Resort just opened my friend Stef and i decided to go check it out. So glad we did. Pais and Keat had a blast running around somewhere new. We want to go back for a date night without kids!

Sweet Tanner just sat here the whole time and observed.
Keat and his girlfriend Paislee matched...they play so cute together.
This is a surf simulator thing, Keaton wanted to get in the water.
Their favorite was the carousel ride.
Keaton looks completely onry and mad in all the pics haha he really did have a fun time. This is a mini croquet course.

There is also a little food place, bowling ally, an arcade, ropes course, bigger playground, and a golf simulator. Looks like a lot of fun.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Kiddos Update

Keaton is a smart little 2 year old that loves his brother, books, cars, basketballs, and playing with his "wedo's" (aka Lego's). He says so many words and phrases that there is no way I could even start on those. His favorite movie lately is the Joseph Smith Story from the living scriptures. haha He can tell you all about it! He is learning so much so fast.
He is FULLY potty trained and I couldn't be happier! I was running out of his size diapers and didn't want to buy more so decided to give it a shot. A friend recommended the 3 day potty training system which is an E-book and it seriously worked!!! (Thanks Lacey). Day 1 I gave him his new undies and made him throw all the rest of his diapers away. He had maybe 2 big wet accidents and he hated that so badly that that's all it took. From then on he started in his undies then finished in the potty. Day 4 he woke up and went perfectly every time! LOVE IT!!!
His thing lately is when he wakes up he says "dood morning mommy" I ask how he slept and says "dood" as he so sweetly rubs his eyes and gives me a big hug. Keaton then hears his brother crying and he gets extremely excited and says, "Tanner wate up, go get him". When I go get him Keaton says "dood morning Tan" and kisses his head. Don't know what i'd do without these boys...I love them so much.
He's going a bit crazy being inside all day with it being so cold, so we try and go to the library at least once a week. His favorite thing is to pick out a backpack to bring home. We mainly go for story time. Keaton sits right on my lap and watches all the kids sit on the rug and sing songs. haha This week he did actually get off my lap to stand and watch the kids sing and dance to a song...we'll get there! He is pretty shy around people he doesn't know, unless we're at the grocery store or random places. He will randoitmly start pointing at a man shopping and say "look mom a guy, a guy" of course as loud as possible. Then every time we pass that certain man "hi guy, hi guy" he says until the poor man acknowledges him.
We also love to go watch uncle Gent play basketball, we go to 1 maybe 2 games a week. Keat yells "shoot it in the hoop G" and "Go dons go!" He does pretty good most the time, he's figured out though if he has to go potty then he can leave for a min so we take quite a few potty breaks during the games!
Keat has had some more issues with wheezing, we thought it was food allergy so have been to the doctor multiple times. After a few visits they told us he has asthma. We have to do breathing treatments with a nebulizer 2x a day which he's gotten used to and doesn't fight much. Once he's older we can do other treatment methods but for now that's how we got to do it. Poor kid.

Oh where to start with our little Tan Man. He is still the best, perfect baby ever! He sleeps about 12hrs a night and we can take him out for any amount of time and he will sleep or just sit in his car seat for the longest time. I cannot believe my baby is already 8 months old. He's struggled lately with a never ending cold and also trying to get some teeth in. As his first 2 we're coming in he decided he didn't want to nurse anymore. I started losing my milk on one side haha weird, anyways, so we started him on formula and he loved it so much he decided he was done nursing all together. Not going to lie, it's been quite nice. So lately the poor little guy has been struggling with a fang tooth coming in...seems like he's been working on it forever! He's been a lot more sad than usual so we're hoping that passes soon.
Tanner is all smiles and laughs all the time. He is sitting up great and LOVES food!!! He hasn't figured out how to move in any way, shape or form which we are TOTALLY okay with. Once that starts we actually have to watch what Keat has out. He is the most mellow kid ever and is totally content just sitting watching his brother!

Pictures coming soon!