Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tanner's 1st Haircut

Had to show this picture...he made the happiest face when we put him in my chair.
His hair is SO much finer than Keaton's, so I was quite sad about cutting it and nervous about cutting too much off. So I went easy on him this first time around.

Day with Hay

A while back the boys and I went up and spent the day with Hailey and Treyton. We went to the Hill Airspace Museum. Keaton got a little nervous in one of the rooms and said "we got to get outta here." It was pretty funny. Other than that he LOVED it and keeps asking when we can go see the big jets.

Thanks Hay for the fun day!

Fun Times With Grandma

Kari and Ruth came for quite a long visit a few months back. It was so fun having them here. One of Keaton's favorite things we did was build a bear. He was absolutely terrified of the loud machine that put the fluff in his bear. He loved picking out an outfit though. With no help from me, he went back and forth between the football outfit and the basketball one. He finally decided on a basketball bear, and Ruthie picked out a princess!
Keaton watched A LOT of basketball with his daddy this winter. We asked Keat what he wanted to name his bear and he told us Jimmer haha it was all his cute! He still to this day HAS to have Jimmer tucked in next to him in bed.

We also visited the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. What a cool place! The kids had so much fun looking at tons of dinosaurs, playing in water, and digging for bones. Definitely a place to go back to.

Thank you Grandma for the fun memories!!! Miss you Kare and Ruthie.