Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tanner Dale

I've had absolutely no time to update but I'm sure most everyone knows by now that our baby Tanner has arrived! I will go into details of our whole scary experience later, but for now here are some pictures of our new little guy! He was born May 24th...6 weeks early weighing 5lb 3oz and 19in long. We have spent the last 3 weeks in the Newborn ICU but are now finally home and loving every single moment!

After 3 weeks of running around and total confusion, Keaton finally got to see Tanner. He is the BEST big brother, he loves to hold and kiss his baby.
This is Keaton meeting his brother for the very fist time. As you can see, he is more than thrilled to see this baby we keep telling him about.

The 4 of us finally together!

My sister that was due the same time I was also had her baby! He came 3 weeks early. haha I think her baby Treyton knew his cousin was here so thought he needed to come also! It is so fun to finally get them together. They are 2 weeks apart!

My precious boys bonding...It has been so wonderful to see Keaton interact with his brother! He loves him so so much!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


WOW so this is a lot harder to catch up when its been so long and so much has happened! So this is a random post in random order with TONS of pictures of our little man!
Kel and I have been wanting to go somewhere before we have 2 kiddos. A business trip came up and it was the perfect opportunity for us to get a little time together. So off to Atlanta we went! It was SO perfect to have some time to myself and with my MAN. While he was at the trade show I sat in bed, ate a lot of junk food and watched chick flicks, CSI episodes, and took long bathes! Perfect vacation for a pregnant woman! Some days Kel would get in around 2 or so and I'd still be in bed, sounds pathetic but it was absolutely wonderful! We visited Olympic Park, the Coca Cola museum and the CNN center. Thanks to our parents who took Keat for us!

Back to Easter. Keaton was so excited to see what the Easter Bunny had brought him. The Redd's had an Easter egg hunt in their fabulous yard...Keaton was WAY more interested in Papa's tools and the Golf Cart!

What's Easter without little lambs?! My parents took a trip to Vernal to help my Uncle out with lambing...they brought us home a little surprise! A few bum lambs. haha gotta love my random parents. It has been so fun to go feed them bottles...Keaton loves his "baaaaaas"

Keaton's second Easter Bunny visit, he loved the candy mess all over the floor!

Back in March we took a couple little trips down to St.George! We had tons of fun swimming and enjoying the warm weather! Keaton and Jaxon are the best of buddies, they play so good together and are partners in crime!!! So fun to have cousins so close in age!

Keaton LOVES LOVES LOVES his papa's. Grandpa was taking a little break from the slides to enjoy the sunshine and we looked over and Keaton had to do the same! So precious!!!

Keat went to his first sunshine tournament...we ended up leaving the game early! haha little different with a kid!

Keaton eating cereal ALL by himself for the first time!!!

Eating his very first chocolate bunny...maybe the last??? haha

We've been spending lots of time Jax...we went to salem pond and fed the ducks!

A few months ago we decided to get Keat ready for the new baby by putting him in a new room and in a new big boy bed! He has done so great and adapted extremely well. He loves to read books before bed and loves to wake up and have toys to play with!
Me prego...clear back at 20 weeks or so!

I've got the most handsome guys in my I'm one lucky girl!

Keaton has been so mischievous, he is always coming up with something crazy to do!

Uh yeah, this is how our morning starts out! haha

Nothing like a sleeping baby!


Like father like son...Keaton's loves to watch basketball with daddy. He tells me to change the channel from cartoons to "ba ball" some mornings!

Another favorite...the 4 wheeler at papa's and grandma's house! He is getting so big so fast!

A recent adventure to the Zoo. The boys had so much fun in grandma's wagon. It was so great to see the boys faces when they see animals they usually only see in books. Keaton hasn't stopped talking about the animals!

Grandma bought them an animal drink and neither of them would let it out of their sight!

And last but not least...we have been finishing the backyard! Thanks to our dad's who have helped out a TON with sprinkling system and spreading piles and piles of top soil! Thanks to the boys also for their hard work, they are great helpers!!!