Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This darling little fella is SO excited to announce that he is going to be a...
That's right, BABY REDD #2 is on it's way!!! We are SO thrilled...I'm due the first of July, so I'm maybe 4 weeks along. We had to share the news so early because my sister Hailey just announced that she is also prego and we are due about 2 days apart!!! We are SO SO excited to have babies together! To top it off my brother's wife Jess is having a baby in Feb! WOW 3 additions to my side of the family before summer!!! BABIES EVERYWHERE!!! LOVE IT.

Keat is going to be the best BIG BRO...he will read the baby books...

show the baby how to open drawers and take everything out...

And how to climb into cubbards and then look to see if mommy is watching! haha

Keat is so fun right now...definately into more trouble than before but it is so great to watch him grow and discover new things!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HUGE picture update!

THRILLER!!! Last weekend we went to thriller with some friends, it was such a blast! I cannot believe how well they stayed into character...I was totally creeped out by it. The dancing was amazing, I would definately recommend everyone go see it! So fun to get into the Halloween mood!

Not too long ago we took a quick trip up to the zoo! Keaton and his cousin Jax had so much fun together. He looks completely onry and mad in all the pictures but he really was so good and happy. They loved the monkeys the very best! Keat was totally freaked out by the bird was quite hillarious, he cried everytime the birds flew over our heads haha Fun memories!

Keaton as you see is looking more and more like a little baby is getting SO big! He is a total BYU fan, not really by choice at his age but hey gotta happen sometime! He is now crawling up the stairs and is VERY good at it, it's his favorite thing to do!

Our handsome little man ready for church...well we had to get a horsey ride in first...Thanks Grandma Redd, Keat LOVES this horse!

We celebrated Kelly's 26th birthday back in August! We went to St.George where him and his buddy got in some good golfing! It's always great to get away for a weekend!

Keaton already makes a fuss about a bad call by the ump...settle down little man, it's just a game!!!

This is what Grandma's are for! Keaton's first ballpark hamburger, as you can see...LOVED IT!

Still totally obsessed with his tongue...maybe because it's encouraged by his daddy?! We'll never know!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nicole is FINALLY home!!!

I am SO thrilled to announce that my friend, team mate, roomate, pretty much SISTER is back from serving her mission in San Diego! I cannot wait to see her tonight and let her meet little Keaton that is now almost a YEAR OLD...I got pregnant a month after she left so a LOT has changed since then, I am so excited to catch up on things with her and have her back in our lives!!! LOVE YOU NICOLE!!!