Sunday, November 14, 2010

Usborne Book Party

Hey Everyone!
Keaton has been so in to books lately that I have decided to sign up as a consultant for Usborne Books. I am hosting my first party Wednesday, November 17th (this coming wed) @ 7:00pm at my house. I'm wanting to get an order put in soon so we can get the books back way before Christmas! There is also an online option of ordering if you're interested in that as well. The link is Let me know if you have any questions!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pumpkin Land

It's really hard for me to post without pictures and our camera had been broken for 7 weeks now! Life without a camera is pretty tough, especially when kids grow and change so quickly! I'm still working on getting pictures from family from Disneyland and Halloween but I did manage to borrow my sisters camera for Pumpkin Land. Keaton thought this place was pretty cool. Scared of Tigger at first but then didn't want to leave.

Keaton will turn 2 next month and man are we seeing effects of terrible two's already! Last week the tantrums started and it hasn't stopped. We have at least 3 a day and 1 of them usually lasts an hour or so. YIKES. He is so fun though at the same time. He loves loves books and games and is getting so tall. Tanner is still so mellow and just sleeps and watches his brother play. We started him on baby food and man can that kid eat! So different from Keat. He will eat a whole bowl full of baby food mixed with rice cereal and still begs for more when he's done, it's great! He went from 2 months weighing 6lb 6oz to 4 months weighing 14lb 10oz. He's our little butter ball. The doctor looking at him said he would have never known that he was a preemie. He caught up super fast! So grateful. Hopefully pics from Halloween and Disneyland coming soon!