Friday, July 18, 2008


I have started to feel some movement from our little boy, which is pretty darn cool actually! I love the feeling, I feel it the most when I'm sitting around not doing much. He moves a ton when I eat for some reason, he either loves food or hates it I can't tell which. We had our ultrasound on Wednesday, and it was so so fun to see our cute little guy! I didn't know what to expect really, Kel and I were really surprised how clear you could see things. We got pretty good pictures of everything except his profile, we did get a couple somewhat blurry pictures though. He kept staring straight ahead at us so we couldn't see his face too well.

So I didn't know if this first picture is appropriate but decided to post it for my sisters in Connecticut...he is for sure a boy!!! And for those of you who have been asking...I finally got a belly picture!!! It was somewhat depressing so I could only handle putting one on but our little guy is obviously growing, in my belly, and thighs, and butt and just about everywhere else...he is totally worth it though. We are having so much fun already with clothes, and of course blanket making! Kel is kinda getting sick of the baseball prints on clothes already haha. That's really all we've seen, so we are on a search for some football, basketball, and hopefully golf stuff!!!