Monday, January 18, 2010

We are having.....

ANOTHER BOY!!! We cannot even begin to express how excited we are to add another boy to our little family! We just love Keaton to pieces and love that he is such a boy. We can't wait for Keat to be able to play cars and balls with his little brother! We couldn't ask for anything better than two boys so close in age!!! The best part about it is we already have absolutely everything we need, YEAH!!! Bring on more and more cars...We love it!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where to start???

So I have no idea where to even begin on posting about our Christmas break!!! I guess i'll start with the not so great...we had the bright idea of switching Keaton over to whole milk; It's making me miserable just thinking about it! So I won't go in to all the nasty details, I'll just keep it at he was very very very very very constipated, miserable, and unhappy and ended up getting hemroids! Poor kid, we felt so bad for the little guy. I would sit and cry with him every time he you know what! Lets just say thank goodness for prune juice and dark karol syrup! We are just now recovering from this issue and I am already dreading my next child's milk change!

Now on to the great Christmas memories that we did have!!!

I'll start with our random last minute trip to Vegas for the BYU bowl game! Kelly's family came in the weekend before Christmas and that weekend my daddio decides it would be a great idea to invite us to go to Vegas that coming Monday. Well considering Kelly loves to watch football and BYU and was suppose to work, he was THRILLED about the idea! So we made the arrangements and made the Redd's lives very hectic and added one more child to their already full house! They were so excited and willing to take our little Keat for a few days. We had never left Keat overnight so it was a well needed trip for all of us.(We did have his issues somewhat under control at this point) We had so much fun and got to watch BYU basketball during the day, then the BYU bowl game that night. The bowl game was SO cold but they at least played really well and gave us a good game to watch! Of course Kel snuck in a little golf trip before heading home while my mom and I shopped! :)

Polar Express

Grandma got all the grandkids matching PJ's so we could do the Polar Express the right way! All 5 together at last, they all looked so darn cute!

Our darling little nieces

Keaton absolutely LOVED Mrs.Claus cookies, he couldn't get enough!
We are great parents and didn't let Keaton miss out on the hot chocolate, we even put in in his bottle so he could down it alot easier! haha
I'm totally this point of the train ride, we were absolutely desperate and had no milk! It did help for a little while!

The Polar Express story time!

Keaton was so happy to see santa...he tried to jump out of grandma's arms to reach him!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we spent with the Robinson family. A tradition we have is to go to the cemetary and light candles and sing Christmas songs.

We then exchanged family gifts which is always so fun! My mom has been wanting a wagon for awhile now, so we were so excited to give her one! She will definately be needing it this summer with 5 grandkids!!! The boys absolutely loved it!

Christmas Day


Our little family Christmas morning!!!

Keaton's 2nd Christmas...first one that he knows what going on :)

Keat with his cousins

This was totally expected...he just turns one and he gets his first set of clubs!!!

Keaton loves this remote control car...yes again we do know our child is only one!

My all time favorite picture!!!

Of all the sports there he choses basketball, his daddy is proud!

Sportin his Jordan outfit and Vans...he's now walking so got 3 new pairs of vans, uncle Gent is extremely happy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

I had to take a picture of our tree...We have been married about 3 years and this is our very first one! We happen to have a child so I did have to do a little bit of kid proofing on it. I figured if Keaton had something to play with on the tree he would leave the bulbs and other things my suprise it actually worked!!! I put the santa's and snowmen on it with the springy legs and he just played with those...AMAZING! (Well until just resently which was when I took this pic haha)

Our stockings hung on our entertainment center with care...They still look dang cute, even without a fireplace!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

He's on the loose!!!

Yeah, Keat is walking! There is no stopping this little man now...he's got it down! He is even better since he's had his older cousins around to watch. It has been so fun watching him learn, and suprisingly we haven't had too many bumps and bruises (YET)!!! As you can see his vocabulary keeps growing also...he is constantly making us laugh!!! We love you Keaton!!!

Tons of posts and pictures are in progress!!! We have had many weeks full of fun and crazyness!!! :)