Thursday, December 10, 2009

Family Pictures

I know this is a picture OVERLOAD, but I could not resist posting them! We had Keaton's 1 year old pictures taken and also some family ones done while we were at it! We couldn't be happier with how cute they turned out! Thanks Kristin, we absolutely love them!

As you can see Kristin does such a great job, if any one needs pictures done let me know and I'll get you her number...I highly suggest her!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday BABY!!!

I'm pretty much in shock this week as my baby boy had his first birthday! This last year has flown by so fast and has been so much fun. Keaton is such a BOY. He climbs up on obsolutely EVERYTHING, digs into the garbage, eats dirt, spits, throws stuff, and loves cars! He took his first steps this week which was an exciting event! He will do it every so often but is not consistant yet, he'll get there sooner than we know! Keaton is a smart little cookie. He puts the phone up to his ear when it rings, see's cars and says broom broom, and he crabs the remote and points it at the TV, he totally knows what it does! haha He is starting to copy everything we say, so is blabbering ALOT but the most common things he says are...

dad- "dada"
mom- "ma ma"
grandma- "na na"
go- "doh doh"
growls- "rrraaa"
dance-(he bounces as he repeats)"da da da"
hello-(holds everything up to his ear) "ooh"
santa says- "ho ho ho"
cow- "moo"
dog- "dah"
choo choo- "du du"
car-(constantly drives cars around) "broom broom"

On his birthday my mom, sister, and I decided we needed to go to lunch! haha I had just fed Keat but it was his birthday so we needed to "go out" haha. So we had a fun lunch together to celebrate! We waited til friday to do cake and presents so everyone could make it!!!

I have never attempted to make a themed cake for any reason, but I thought this was a good time to start! :) Kel's sis made an adorable cake for her little boy so I got pictures from her and just copied it! It took some time but was so much fun to make and turned out so GREAT!!! Keat and his cousin Jax went crazy over it! Keaton was a little timmid when we first gave him his giant piece of cake. He looked at us like "really, I can just dig in make a mess and I won't get into trouble?" haha He started off with the mallow and chewed on that for a bit, but once he tasted that chocolate cake and blue frosting he broke loose!!! He did great destroying it. But that wasn't the end, after he ate a TON he wanted out, so while Kel was getting the bath ready I didn't want to hold our little blue smurf so we let him crawl around on the table! Oh man was this great! He had full access to more cake, and then he later discovered how close he was to the lights! OH BOY.

Keaton has so many aunts, uncles, grandma's and grandpa's that love him so much...He was spoiled that's for sure! He was pretty boring with the whole present opening thing, he didn't really get it but he LOVES the toys!!! Thanks everyone for making Keaton's 1st birthday so special!

Keaton, mommy and daddy love you so much! We love watching you learn new things each day. We love the way you smile, laugh, and give us kisses. You are our pride and joy and we are so grateful to have your sweet spirit in our home! You are the best!