Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family Property

We hadn't been together with just my family in the longest time, so last weekend we decided to get together and go up to our cabin lot in fairview! We went four-wheeling and just sat around, ate, and hung out! It was a great litlle break! The scenery is so gorgeous up there (the pictures don't do justice at all)!

I love this picture...seems like Keaton alwyas has his best pics with my cute dad!!!


The last couple of weekends for us have been full of family fun! We had a Robinson family reunion at Heber Valley Camp, it was so beautiful up there! It was so fun to see my grandpa's brothers. They remind me so much of my Grandpa that it made me miss him so much, but it was so good to see everyone! We had an auction which is always a highlight full of laughs. Everyone brings something to donate and then they auction everything off so we can pay for next years reunion! Kelly really got into this pile of fun and bought some junk for a total of a good $28 bucks! haha (It was for a good cause). There was also a bunch of really cool things that I would have liked but they got up into the hundreds and I wasn't about to go that far! :) Keaton did so well on his first camping trip (well luxury camping trip). There was hot water, heaters, and an extremely nice cabin! He didn't cry once the whole time, it even got pretty cold at times! He also slept the whole night! We have such a good little boy. We did a challenge course that was pretty fun, it was a bunch of team work games and then a huge pulley swing! We sat around the fire and talked and played cards all night. GOOD TIMES!

First Haircut!!!

I finally got the urge to cut Keaton's hair! I knew once it was cut, the baby look would change into a little boy. Sure enough, my baby now looks like a big boy! He is so adorable!


Bye bye baby hair!


My handsome BOY!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Full of Laughs

It is amazing how quickly Keaton is learning new things! We are having a blast watching him as he grows. This is a little peak of his darling personality! He comes up with something new and exciting everyday!

Keat is now just over 6 months. He is 23 %tile for weight at 16 pounds and 80 %tile for height at 27 inches! We have been introducing him to solids and he is going SO great! He loves rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and ALL fruits! He hates GREENS...we are having a tough time even sneaking in a couple of bites. We cannot trick this kid, he is WAY too smart! Any suggestions???

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pictures GALORE!!!

We just got back from a fantastic well needed trip to Cali! We were worried driving that far with a 6 month old, but Keaton was a little angel and slept the whole way there and back! We couldn't have asked for a better kid! Thanks to Kristi and Nels for letting us stay with them, we had SO much fun!!!

This is mainly the reason we went...after 2 boys, Kel's sister had beautiful little GIRL -Keltie- which makes 5 grand kids for the Redd family! It is so much fun.

Night at the beach-dinner at RUBY'S out on the pier!

Keaton's first time in the pool, didn't know what to think at first then LOVED it! He kept splashing himself over and over and couldn't really figure out where the water was coming from! haha

All boy...BLUE everything!!!

The sun and time change got the best of my BOYS!!!

Day at SEA WORLD! I hadn't been to Sea World since I was little and it was as fun as I remember. The shows were AWESOME and I am still AMAZED how they train fish to do tricks! It was so fun to watch our nephews as they saw all the different animals! Keaton observed everything as daddy held him...we want to take him again when he knows more of whats going on. We had a BLAST!
Dolphins...My personal FAVORITE!

Keaton saw everyone putting their hands in the water to pet the Bat Rays. He kept reaching out to do the same...Kelly loved watching him as he picked up on it so quickly!

Cruisin with PAPA!!!

Spoiled by GRANDMA!

Keaton is still eating his toes, haha love it!


Kelly isn't a huge fan of Broadway Shows but for our anniversary he got us tickets to Phantom of the Opera in Vegas!!! He is such a sweetheart! So on our way home from Cali we stopped in Vegas. We went to the outlet mall and then that night grandma and papa watched Keat so Kel and I could go to Phantom!!! It was AMAZING...even Kelly enjoyed it! The talent was amazing. I wish we could go to shows more often, I just LOVE em!

This is a new casino/hotel that is just being built. We thought it was neat looking. I don't know if you can tell but it is leaning...pretty cool!!!

Gotta love the fountain show!