Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keaton Talking!

This is Keaton's newest is so cute! He just keeps getting more and more fun! I love that he is starting to show his little personality and starting to recognize people. He will be 2 months old on Monday, I can't believe it!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Miracle Drops!!!

I failed to report that a few nights ago Keaton slept for 7 straight hours, it was wonderful!!! He has been really gassy since the day he was born, and we are always getting some massive toots out of him! Sometimes this really makes him upset but when we push his legs up to his tummy we usually can get him feeling better! One night he woke up screaming and there was nothing we could do to help the poor little guy! It wasn't like any other cry we had heard from him, he would wake up every 15-20 minutes with this same screaming cry. So we being first time parents were a little worried. We didn't want to be paranoid annoying parents so we dealt with it. After 3 LONG nights of this we looked up symptoms of colic on the internet, and he about had all of them. So we finally decided to call the nurse to see if there was anything we could do to help! She recommended some stuff called kid-e-col. It's some drops from the health essential store that are suppose to help with colic. Well I'm here to tell you that they worked wonders for us!!! Since we've been giving him this he has been sleeping pretty consistent for about 5 hours every night!!! And every once in a while we will even get 6 or even 7 hours! Keaton is such a good baby...we love him SO much and are having the time of our lives with him!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The 3 of us!!!

Keaton and Mommy

Our precious boy!!!

Chillin with Grandpa...My favorite picture of Keaton so far!

My little cuddle bug!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

This New Years was a little different for us. Keaton was our entertainment...Kel was having fun messing with/bugging our poor little guy! It was pretty funny. We gave Keaton a bath about 9pm New Year's Eve and we went to bed at 10pm!!! Yahoo, party on! Weird how things change with a child!

Keaton's First Christmas

We had a very Merry Christmas!!! Kelly's sisters flew home the week before so we all got to spend quality time together! It is always so fun when they all come to visit! Kelly had the whole week of Christmas off which was so nice, we got to spend a TON of time together and with family! My family started a fun traditon, we had a great dinner Christmas Eve and we all spent the night at my parents house! Of course Keaton was up all night so he ended up sleeping all Christmas day! We spent alot of time catching up on sleep as well!

Our Christmas present from the Robinson side!!! We are so thrilled to have a gorgeous picture of the temple we got married in! I don't have a picture of the Redd's gift because it is in our house being very much used...We got a new WASHER!!! It is great! We are so spoiled!!! Thanks mom's and dad's!

Keaton got to meet his all his cousins...Chase and Carson were so nice and helped Keaton open his present from Papa and Grandma...

...a whole box of BABY EINSTEIN TOYS! Ruthie and I were more thrilled than Keaton but i know he will love them very soon!

Grandma got all the grandkids matching jammies and we took cousin pictures!!! Carson wanted to have a picture with just him and Keaton...isn't this the cutest picture ever?!

Chase, Ruthie, Keaton, and Carson

Don't Ask...haha

Apparently Papa Redd is a 'BASKET CASE'